Submission Guidelines

Only in LA do you see creativity and commerce at its best. We’re the world capital of creativity, where advertising, media, fashion, action sports, music, film, gaming and art industries co-exist. We’re a unique breed of players – a collaborative bunch who like to encourage and challenge each other, all while striving to push the envelope on the future of marketing. So let’s shine a spotlight on our community and show why LA is the most creative place on earth…

Submit your original articles. Not just any articles, but innovative, forward-thinking and cutting edge articles about the media, marketing and advertising industry for thinkLA’s Above the Fold – a blog for and by the Los Angeles creative community.

How to pitch and submit content

You think you got something super smart to say? Great. We can’t wait to hear it! Email all pitches to A word of advice – the more interesting and quirkier the topic (and the pitch), the better! After it’s approved, you may submit your blog post via email as a Word attachment. Due to the volume of pitches we receive, we may not be able to respond to messages following up on the status of a pitch. Sorry, but sometimes life is tough that way!

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for original content to post in four different sections of our blog.

  • LA Influencers
  • These original articles from super-smart industry leaders and experts should cover a wide cross-section of disciplines. Emerging ideas, trends, tactics and unique insights tend to do very well. Posts publish on the first and third Mondays of each month.
  • Career Talk
  • Have an original post that offers career advice, tips and strategies? These posts should inspire, lead, and help people grow in their professional lives. Or, they can give people a good kick in the you know what. Ideal contributors are supervisors, HR people, recruiters and hiring managers. Posts publish on the last Mondays of each month.
  • Thursday Thoughts
  • These could be LA musings, special top five lists, polls, artwork, fill-in-the-blank, new marketing terminology, info on agencies in competition or working together, Twitter discussions, or post event takeaways. We’re always looking for ideas, images and content for this section, so please send them our way! We’ll give you credit and a nice shout-out if you do. This section posts weekly.
  • Friday Brags
  • New campaign launches, recently published articles, new accounts won, new hires, fun photos inside agencies, etc. Show off what ya got, but keep it concise. Short descriptions, like 40 words or less, are greatly appreciated. White papers are not ideal for this section. (Those can be submitted through our website). This section posts weekly.
  • Note: Priority on posts will be given to thinkLA members.

Housekeeping & Rules for LA Influencers & Career Talk Sections:

  • Posts should be original and between 350 to 800 words.
  • Remember – they should be short, sweet and witty. Kind of like your online profile. Impress us.
  • Use short paragraphs, subheadings, and/or bullet points to make the post easier to read.
  • Yeah, we’re all ADD like that and need assistance.
  • Give credit and/or link out to your sources where appropriate.
  • Show us you got street cred.
  • Promotional or affiliate links may not be included unless it’s relevant to the article’s topic.
  • We’ll see right through it, so just don’t.
  • Don’t use inappropriate language.
  • Save that for when you’re at home watching “The Bachelor.”
  • Publishing of the blog post will be done at the discretion of thinkLA. After a post is approved, it may be several days before it is actually published.
  • Sorry, but we’re most likely busy planning the next AdJam or breakfast event or AdU class or…
  • By submitting your post(s), you acknowledge that your post(s) belongs to thinkLA and will be credited to the author. Also, by submission, you allow thinkLA to share your comments publically.
  • That’s legal jargon, so we don’t get in trouble later.
  • thinkLA reserves the right to decline publishing or remove a post after it has been published.
  • We may all scratch our heads the next morning and ask “what were we thinking?!”
  • No payment will be involved for guest blog content.
  • Did we mention we’re a nonprofit?

Contributor Byline

We want to promote your authorship! Please provide:

  • A brief bio to follow your post, including your name, title, company and social media handles (up to 100 words).
  • A headshot (.jpg format, low res) – again, think online profile… or not. Just look good!
  • Link to your website (up to two links)

Submission Review

thinkLA will review your article and may edit for grammar. We will not rewrite your post, but may make grammatical changes, minor edits, title changes, photo changes, and other changes. If a post needs improvement, we will return it to you with suggestions. We promise we’re not control freaks.

Images & Video

Images in your posts are great for garnering attention. They should be low-res .jpeg files. You must have permission to use an image, and proper attribution is required. If you do not submit an image, we may ask you to submit one with your post. Videos can be included as embedded YouTube links. Yay for fun visuals!

We look forward to sharing your content with the LA media, marketing and advertising community. Now let’s do this! Submit content.