Daily Dish for June 28, 2012

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Thursday means that Friday is tomorrow, and the weekend is almost upon us!
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Today on the Daily Dish:

Just a little humor to start:

from Fark.com

Facebook Pages – SEO How-to Video

from Brian Piepgrass - Distilled.net

This video will teach you the basics of SEO, and provides many suggestions for how you can improve the ranking of your Facebook Page in search engines…. view the video

Facebook Apps Will Soon Let Users ‘Follow’ Actions

by Christina Warren – Mashable

Facebook just rolled out a new Open Graph feature that will let users follow certain actions from various Facebook applications. This will let users get updates for certain actions in the News Feed, without having to subscribe or be friends with the user… read more

12 B2B Facebook Cover Photos to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

by Corey Eridon – Hubspot

Whether you’re looking to get started on Facebook, convince your boss Facebook isn’t reserved for B2C companies, or just give your presence there a little extra love, take a look at these Facebook page cover photos from other B2B marketers. It should get your creative juices flowing, and let you see the different ways B2B marketers can approach that giant chunk of visual real estate at the top of the new Facebook business pages… read more